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Kids Connection
"I have known Melody for about a year now, not as a business partner, but by  attending Mosaic Connection with my 3 grandchildren participating in the  program. As an artist myself I chose to stay during the classes when my  grandchildren attended. We instantly liked Melody, her family & her  co-workers and their mission. She has a sincere and loving heart for the  children at Mosaic Connection and really works patiently with them. At times I  wondered if the kids were going to be able to achieve some of the projects,  thinking it might be a little hard but with her simple steps she used the kids  were always thrilled with the the final outcome of their projects they have  created.

I've watched her work tirelessly week by week, giving her time,  artistic talents and Im sure finances since they do not charge for the program  so ALL kids that want to come can. I love that they are ministering Christ to  them as well.
I truly see them as in the Starfish Story( on the Mosaic  Connection website)...".Just like the boy and the starfish, Mosaic’s mission is  to show Christ’s love, and to make a difference, if even only one at a time.".

I know 3 kids for sure who have been touched by Melody's life and heart for  the children.

If I can offer any additional information or with any  questions feel free to contact me.
Veronica Frontz

When my friends, Blaine and Melody Kirby shared their vision of Mosaic, I was thrilled at the incredible prospect of recapturing the Arts for Christ! Christian history for more than two hundred years has not been kind to most of the Arts. Relegated to a more “worldly” designation, followers of Christ had forfeited their voice through the Arts, consequently losing many generations of potential “voices”. Mosaic exists to encourage a true, Christ-centered, redemptive, and Creational view of the Arts. Through their efforts, many adults and children have been encouraged and equipped to re-envision all the Arts through the eyes of The One who blessed us with incredible richness and diversity of Gospel expression… all for His glory!

May His Kingdom increase! --- Pastor Eric Fairhurst

“I know it was hot & sweaty & our time was donated - but the Mosaic date was the most rewarding gig I've played all summer. Maybe the heat just got us smokin'. I really wish we'd recorded the date. That's a terrific space for performance and a really receptive audience. In short - I'd play there again joyfully”---Andy Cary, Standard Time Jazz

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